Alpas supports local, fair trade, socially and environmentally-conscious establishments by featuring their products in our restaurant, guest rooms, and gift shop.  


We've taken great care in sourcing only from the Philippines if not within our town & province... to the point where you can trace back almost every ingredient and product we use to a single person or group who took care of it.

Our menu changes daily according to our daily garden harvests and availability of produce from nearby farms & suppliers 

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Consuelo House and Manuel House, named after Ken’s paternal grandparents, provide the perfect beachfront getaway after your dining experience at our restaurant.

Both guesthouses combined can accommodate up to 15+ guests in up to four separate rooms combined. Small rooms are available for solo travelers and couples, or rental of each or both houses for large groups of friends or family.

Please see below for more information about our rates and packages.

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We hope to be a catalyst for people and businesses in the Philippines that believe organically and sustainably grown vegetables, fruits, herbs and livestock are essential to their health and the success of their businesses.

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the beach


…do you really need an explanation after that photo?