We exist to enable our community to progress mentally, physically, and structurally with or without the aide of the government. to maintain the steadfast attitude that difficult does not mean impossible and that there is no limit but the one you set. to be independent, self-reliant, and self-sustaining.

We strive to instill pride in Filipino culture by using and featuring traditional handicrafts and other handmade products made by Filipinos out of resources endemic to the Philippines.


Buri Handcrafts

Buri Handicraft Association

Barangay Diclum, a small and rural community considered the buri weaving capital of Antique, is less than 4km away from Alpas. The elders of the weaving community established the Buri Handicraft Association, Inc. (BUHAI) of Antique which aims to strengthen the buri weaving industry of our province. The creative minds of the women of Barangay Diclum do buri weaving not only to gain income but more importantly to uphold the native culture of Antique. When you dine at Alpas Restaurant, you eat from rice holders made with care by BUHAI. A beautiful array of other buri handicrafts are for sale at our gift shop.

Organic SRI Rice

Bienvenido’s Rice Farm

Just 3 km in Barangay Opsan lies Farmer Bienvenido Piala’s 1/4 hectare rice field. His farm is the first ever in Tobias Fornier to utilize the System of Rice Intensification or SRI, and one of only a handful of rice farms in our province that grows organic rice.

In late 2018, Alpas partnered with ZIDOFA (Zarraga Integrated Diversified Organic Farmers Association), a small group of farmers that produce organic rice through the SRI method. Farmer Bienvenido is the first brave farmer in Tobias Fornier to learn SRI from ZIDOFA. Alpas Restaurant is proud to serve Oregena, heirloom rice produced by ZIDOFA.


alima community

Alima Community is a small artists-led social enterprise based in Iloilo, dedicated to creating intentional products and immersive collaborations through slow, enduring, and sustainable approaches and strategies.

One of their intentions is to use their talents and artistic approaches to facilitate the transformation of unskilled rural people into empowered makers and creatives through our eco-design and self-development workshops. They also create and sell unique, zero-waste, compassionate, and story-rich products made by the ingenuity, landscape, and struggles of the Filipino barrio / purok.

We are proud to sell some of their one-of-a-kind pieces in our giftshop.

Handmade All Natural Soap

curimae soapworks

Handwashing soaps used in Alpas Restaurant and Accommodations are made by hand just 18km away in Anini-Y town. All natural and organic handsoaps are made by locals. Most of the ingredients are locally grown and freshly-picked from our island.

These soaps made by Curimae Soapworks are available in our gift shop.

Tagolwanen Weavers Banig

Tagolwanen Women Weavers Association

Artisan mats (or “banig”) in our Accommodations are lovingly hand-crafted by the Tagolwanen tribe women of Bukidnon, Philippines. No two mats are alike, even if made by the same weaver, using the same color grass threads. Each mat is distinct and reflects the creativity of its maker. Hand woven mats and crafts like bags, hats, table runners, placemats, etc. with traditional design are made by women weavers from Bukidnon-Tagolwanen Tribe in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

Click here to order directly from TWWA

Abek Home & Culture Accent Pillow

Abek Home & Culture

The accent pillows in Alpas Accommodations are made by hand by Kat Palasi, a Filipina whose photography led her across the Philippines through various indigenous communities. Each fabric holds a pattern that carries the rich history and culture within its weaves.

Click here to order directly from Abek Home & Culture

Lilet's Mushroom Farm

Lilet’s Mushroom Farm

Our oyster mushrooms travel roughly 51km from Lilet’s Farm in Patnongon, Antique. Lilet’s Farm harvests mushrooms daily and offers fresh mushrooms and other mushroom products. We are happy to sell Lilet’s mushroom products in our gift shop and cook her fresh mushrooms at our Restaurant.

House of Ekolife Coffee

House of Ekolife

House of Ekolife is a part of Atikha, the NGO that works to enable Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to come home to their families. House of Ekolife currently runs a coffee roastery in Iloilo, & a cafe in Ifugao. Both establishments employ and benefit OFWs & their families. Their organic, fair trade coffee is grown, harvested, roasted, and packaged by Filipino workers.

We proudly serve their coffee at Alpas Restaurant.

Green Warrior Permaculture Farm

Green Warrior Permaculture Aid

With a Field School located in Barbaza, Antique, Green Warrior Permaculture is a movement that cares for the Earth and People. It uses permaculture to provide aid to poor areas by creating food security, water security, and sustainable livelihoods.

Visit their website to learn more about permaculture and participate in one of their permaculture aid courses offered throughout the year!


Bertolano’s organic products

Located in the mountainous area of Antique at Brgy. Lagdo Sibalom Antique. Brgy Lagdo is approximately 200 to 300 hectares and it can produce tons of sugar during milling season.

Bertolano’s is one of the few muscovado sugar producers left in the Province of Antique. Muscovado sugar is the flagship product of the Province of Antique known of its unique aroma and is nutritionally richer than other brown sugars or refined sugar, and retains most of the natural minerals inherent in sugarcane juice. The production of muscovado sugar in the Philippines had experienced a long period of decline when large mills took over sugar production from small farmers with small mills until consumer interest in healthy and organic foods revived interest in muscovado sugar, creating a new market for muscovado sugar production from small mills like Bertolano’s.

Cooking class at Alpas with Chef Ken and students from the cookery program at CLCMS

Cooking class at Alpas with Chef Ken and students from the cookery program at CLCMS

Concepcion L. Cazeñas Memorial School

Ken’s grandfather, Manuel Cazeñas was the mayor of Tobias Fornier (formerly Dao) for over 20 years. He donated land to build the Concepcion L. Cazeñas Memorial School (CLCMS). The school was awarded 1st place in the 2017 Regional Search for Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Schools.

We look forward to partnering with the school to teach cooking and gardening classes, organize environmental initiatives, as well as offer internships to its students.

Gentlemush Agriculture Crispy Mushrooms

Gentle Mush Agriculture

Based in San Jose, Antique, young entrepreneur Keats Dyson Mondejar established Gentlemush Agriculture in 2018, first growing fresh oyster mushrooms. He has since expanded his product line to four flavors of crispy mushrooms. A best-seller in our gift shop, you can snack to your heart’s content with his delectable homemade treats.

Prime Cut Pomade

prime cut pomade

Young Ilonggo entrepreneur, Earvin Diones started this company in his own kitchen. He makes a home-brewed product, from formulating to pouring, and is proud to say that his products are handcrafted.

You can find his water-based and oil-based pomades in our gift shop.

Epics of Panay Book Collection

epics of panay

Over 26 years ago, Dao-an Anthropologist Dr. Alicia P. Magos researched and documented the chanting stories of the central Panay indigenous communities. During the next two decades, she and her team compiled and published their research into 10 Suguidanon Epics of Central Panay with 13 titles. We now have 3 of these epics for sale at our gift shop.

Rito Essays on Place

books by antiqueños

We have a growing library of books featuring Antiqueño authors and are always looking for more.