We utilize permaculture principles in our organic garden, its integration with our restaurant, and community. Permaculture is designed as a holistic ecosystem. Humans, plants, and animals have a primary focus: to take care of the soil. Many farms, whether they be small and private, or large factory farms, do not. They deplete their soil of nutrients from overuse, and then temporarily replenish it with countless applications of chemicals manufactured by corporate enterprises. A permaculture garden never uses chemicals. Permaculture is a long-term strategy that ultimately results in healthy plants and animals that require less maintenance and fewer resources.

At Alpas, we grow a wide variety of plants, herbs, vegetables, trees and fruits both native and non-native to the Philippines. We raise goats, ducks and chickens that roam freely on our small 3/4 hectare property.

Complimentary garden tours are offered to all of our overnight and restaurant guests.