ALPAS Restaurant, Guesthouse, and Farm are currently works in progress and are not yet open to the public. We anticipate opening by December 2018. Stay tuned for updates!

ALPAS supports local, fair trade, socially and environmentally-conscious establishments by featuring their products in our restaurant, guest rooms, and gift shop.  We source from suppliers that are like-minded in empowering the craftsmen behind their products. From the dish and laundry detergents to our pillows, we are celebrating Philippine-made materials.  We aim to be a zero waste, single-use plastic-free zone.


The restaurant


Our 420-square meter restaurant serves freshly prepared dishes cooked to order by Ken Cazeñas and his team.  We use produce grown on our farm as well as neighboring organic farms.  We are proud to serve indigenous fruits, vegetables, herbs, and livestock as well as sustainably-caught seafood* on a menu that changes daily according to the season and whims of Ken.  Hot foods are cooked over live-fire in our brick hearth over bamboo, coconut or wood charcoal.  The ash generated by cooking will be one of the components of our compost toilet program. Compost generated from this program will be utilized for the non-edible vegetation on ALPAS property.   Our cocktails are made truly from scratch, starting from the coconut alcohol that serves as their base, otherwise known as 'tuba' that we harvest from coconut trees that grow throughout the property.   

Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff is happy to share their familiarity and pride behind our menu, in which many of its items' preparations start in the soil just outside the restaurant at our farm.

Anticipated opening by December 2018

*that means, no open-net fishing but rather spear fished or line-caught, non-endangered seafood that is caught during the proper non-breeding seasons


consuelo House

The view from Consuelo House

The view from Consuelo House

Named after Ken's paternal grandmother, Consuelo Ledesma Cazeñas, Consuelo House sits peacefully on the beach, with sweeping views of the ocean.

All overnight guests are treated to complimentary breakfast, 10% off lunch & dinner, housekeeping services, optional massage service, and a selection of Activities Packages to choose from.

Anticipated opening by December 2018


the farm

A bird’s eye view of one section of our permaculture farm

A bird’s eye view of one section of our permaculture farm

Permaculture in action: living ground cover growing amongst flowers and sponge gourd

Permaculture in action: living ground cover growing amongst flowers and sponge gourd

Permaculture is an organic, sustainable design system that emulates and embraces nature. More importantly, it’s based on responsibility. That means being a passionate steward of the land. Building soil health, creating and supporting a diverse ecosystem. Treating animals humanely. Using water and energy responsibly. Caring for the welfare of workers. Organic certification does not address any of those issues.

We hope to be a catalyst for people and businesses in the Philippines that believe organically and sustainably grown vegetables, fruits, herbs and livestock are essential to their health and the success of their businesses.

Farm Tours are available Saturday & Sunday, 2pm to 4pm. 3 days advance booking required. Farm Tours are complimentary to overnight guests.

Anticipated opening by December 2018


the beach


…do you really need an explanation after that photo?


beach cottages & more accommodations

coming in late 2019/2020

Because we are using bamboo in all of our new construction, we must wait for the appropriate harvest season to harvest our building materials. We harvest our own materials in order to ensure proper, all-natural treatment of the bamboo, which helps prolong its life by protecting it against pests that can damage bamboo within a few years. We will be harvesting more bamboo by January 2019 in order to renovate the old function hall, “Manuel’s” (named after Ken’s late grandfather, Lolo Manuel), into a 2nd guesthouse by the end of 2019. Bamboo will also be used to construct day-use cottages along the beach.